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Almonte General Hospital

The Almonte General Hospital (AGH) is a 52-bed acute/continuing care hospital located in the municipality of Mississippi Mills, which, with a population of more than 11,000, is the largest municipality in Lanark County. The municipality is experiencing a significant population growth due to its proximity to Ottawa-Carleton. It is also an attractive community for individuals considering retirement.

The Almonte General Hospital serves its community with a well-maintained physical Hospital plant, staffed by a dedicated medical, administrative and support staff.

According to the 2008 Ontario hospital report card, AGH is one of Ontario's high-performing hospitals for patient satisfaction with its acute care and emergency services.

The Hospital is also one of a small number of rural hospitals in the province that operates below the provincial financial parameters and benchmarks applicable to administration and hotel expenses.

AGH is the only rural hospital in this region that provides a full range of OB/GYN services, including 24-hour epidural, anaesthetic and c-section coverage. The Hospital's regional obstetrical program is staffed by two obstetrician/gynecologists plus family physicians who provide obstetrical services. The Hospital has upgraded its OBS facilities and plans to further enhance its obstetrical program by developing a regional birthing centre to serve the communities of Mississippi Mills, Arnprior, Carleton Place and surrounding townships.

The Almonte General Hospital was selected by Lanark County to operate the County’s land ambulance service, effective September 2000.

In June 2002, AGH and the County of Lanark reached an agreement to redevelop Fairview Manor into a new, 112-bed long-term care facility built on land adjacent to the Hospital. The Redevelopment Project also included renovations to AGH's emergency, ambulatory and in-patient care, obstetrical and lab departments, as well as new equipment for the x-ray and medical-surgical departments. The Hospital, new long-term care facility and existing Manor are connected by a covered link. The new facility and AGH share administrative and support services and the existing Manor will be used for other purposes. The Redevelopment Project was completed in the spring of 2008.

As part of the agreement, AGH agreed to assume management responsibilities for the existing Manor, effective July 1, 2003. The two facilities have been sharing support services since 1999. Ownership of the existing Manor was transferred to AGH on October 1, 2004.

Our Hospital provides a significant range of health services, including:

• 21 medical and surgical beds, 5 obstetrical beds and 26 continuing care beds;

• 24-hour emergency services provided by eight family physicians with Advanced Care Life Support, Advanced Trauma Life Support and other emergency training. The Hospital has a roster of other locum physicians who provide periodic backup coverage. Doctors at the Hospital also have fast access to area specialists and specialized hospital resources for critically ill patients through the Ontario Criticall Program - a 24-hour hot-line referral service.

• Air Ambulance Service support for our Emergency Services, including a fully licensed air ambulance helipad;

• A general surgery program;

• A regional continuing care program – the Rosamond Unit – that serves Mississippi Mills, Carleton Place and surrounding townships;

• A regional Day Hospital program, which accommodates 8-10 patients per day and serves the communities of Mississippi Mills, Carleton Place and surrounding townships;

• A Pacemaker Clinic

• 24-hour inpatient and outpatient laboratory services;

• 24-hour general radiology and ultrasound services;

• A general rehabilitation program, which includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy and a therapeutic recreation;

• Inpatient and outpatient dietician counselling;

• The Lanark County Sexual Assault Program;

• A significant variety of specialized outpatient clinics including: cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, general surgery, urology, plastic surgery, dermatology, orthotics, and oral surgery.


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