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Occupational Therapy

Helping people with illness or disability recover skills relating to self-care, productivity and leisure is the purpose of occupational therapy at the Almonte General Hospital.

Many occupational therapy patients at AGH are recovering from stroke or have chronic illnesses such as arthritis. Others are recovering from surgery or have repetitive strain injury.

An example of occupational therapy in the area of self-care is helping someone who cannot put on shoes or socks by giving them a sock-aid and long-handled reacher. Helping in the area of productivity means helping someone return to their role at work or at home. For example, an occupational therapist can help someone with physical disabilities set up their kitchen in a way that is more efficient and effective, and suggest strategies to help them cope with fatigue.

Helping people return to enjoyable leisure activities is another important part of occupational therapy. For example, if you love to play cards but have had a stroke and can only use one hand, an occupational therapist can set up a card stand so you can play.

Occupational therapy is covered by OHIP with a doctor’s referral. Patients may have to cover the costs of any specialized equipment they require.

For more information about occupational therapy at AGH, call 256-2514, extension 2115.