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Rosamond Unit

Providing high-quality health services to area complex continuing care patients in a home-like setting is the goal of the 26-bed Rosamond Unit at the Almonte General Hospital (AGH).

Opened in 1982, the unit provides a comfortable and home-like atmosphere to in-hospital care patients with more complex needs than long-term care patients, including those needing a higher level of medical monitoring or nursing care. Some beds are used by patients awaiting admission to a long-term care facility. The unit also provides short-term respite and convalescent care.

The Rosamond Unit admits adults of all ages, however, the predominant patient population is elderly. The unit - which serves Mississippi Mills, Carleton Place and surrounding townships - houses patients recovering from serious injuries and strokes, and those suffering from a variety of chronic diseases such as multiple sclerosis and cancer.

Rosamond Unit patients’ health-care needs are met by a team of professionals, including the patient’s physician, nursing staff, pharmacist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, dietician, recreation therapist, volunteers and discharge planner. Through one-on-one contact with the patient and regular meetings, the team members provide ongoing assessment, planning, provision and evaluation of each patient’s plan of care and treatment.

Accommodations include two four-bed rooms, seven two-bed rooms and four private rooms - all rooms have spacious, wheelchair accessible washrooms and large windows from the ceiling to two feet above the floor, allowing patients in bed to see outside. Personal storage areas and bulletin boards are available to store or display personal photos or cards. Patients are encouraged to bring wall decorations and a favourite chair from home. Personal telephones and televisions are encouraged.

Patients are encouraged to get dressed each day, participate in a regular exercise program and take their meals in the Unit’s dining room with other patients. Menus are tailored to each patient’s dietary needs and preferences. Patients, as appropriate, are invited to a supper club gathering with other patients once a month and there are annual holiday expeditions to the Bayshore Shopping Centre.

Family members are encouraged to visit and to be fully involved with the patient’s care. With a physician’s written consent, patients can - in the care of a family member or other responsible person - go home for a visit or to an event outside the Hospital

Volunteers play a large role in creating a home-like atmosphere in the Rosamond Unit, with AGH Auxiliary members frequently dropping by to visit, play cards, or read to patients. Volunteers also provide musical entertainment and tape and replay ecumenical church services.