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Outpatient Clinics

The Almonte General Hospital’s outpatient clinics provide specialized health-care close to home. Thousands of area residents a year see specialists in cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, general surgery, urology, plastic surgery, physiatry, menopause, anesthesia, and oral surgery.

If you are attending an outpatient clinic, be sure to bring your Health Card, medical insurance information, your requisition form for any tests, and your Almonte General Hospital “blue” card (if you don’t have one you will be given one when you register).

Services provided at the outpatient clinics include: initial assessment, diagnosis, ongoing treatment and follow-up. Surgical clinics’ services include preoperative assessments and postoperative follow up. Some of our surgeons will see their patients in their own offices for pre and post-operative visits.

Patients are referred by their family doctor to the outpatient clinics. The frequency of scheduled clinics varies from once a week to once every few months, depending on the availability of the specialist and the community needs. Medical specialists who staff the clinics come from hospitals across our region.

If you have a pacemaker that needs to be checked, the Heart Institute will arrange your appointment with the Almonte General Hospital. Upon arrival of your appointment at the Hospital, you must first register at the Emergency Room Registration Desk. Once you are registered you will go to the Diagnostic Imaging Department where a technologist will perform the pacemaker check through a dedicated line with the Heart Institute. If your pacemaker has any malfunctions the Health Institute will be in touch with you for a follow up appointment with them.

Please contact your family physician for referral to any of the specialists listed below.

Cardiology Dr. John Catching
DentalDr. Walter Wayne
General SurgeryDr. Eric Bigelow and Dr. Bruce Gay
Menopause Dr. Ardelle Stauffer
NeurologyDr. David Attack
Obstetrics/GynaecologyDr. Bahaa Awwad, Dr. Dave Caloia and Dr. Enobong Ekong
Plastic Surgery Dr. James Lacey
Physiatry Dr. Taunya St. Pierre
UrologyDr. Ed Woods and Dr. Matthew Roberts